I'm a User Experience Designer based in Aberdeen (UK).
I solve complex problems creating easy to use products.


This is a showcase of my work. You can also check my CV.

Project X

Software platform that helps hazardous industries to increase performance and reduce risk.

The Sushi Box

Website of the best Japanese restaurant in town.

Configuration Toolkit

Tool used to capture client requirements and configure a software platform.


Proper User-Centered Design

1. User Research

Identify how the product users are, creating personas and scenarios to understand their needs and pain points.

2. Prototyping

Come up with several design alternatives to solve the problems identified and prototype the best ones quickly, using low and high-fidelity techniques.

3. User Testing

Test the prototypes with real users and find what the main issues are.

4. Learning

Analyse and prioritise the issues based on their severity. Identify what the more important problems we need to address are and iterate.


Hi! I'm a User Experience Designer with over 5 years of experience living in Aberdeen (UK). I am originally from Spain but moved to the sunny Aberdeen in 2013. Before that, I also lived in The Netherlands where I understood that Design is all about solving the right problems rather than making things look good.

I am a curious person and like to enjoy life. In my free time I love travelling, street photography, food and sports. I particularly like football and Johan Cruyff's philosophy. He thought that things can always be done differently, that you can be extremely effective and at the same time make people enjoy the game. I try to apply that attitude to my work.

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If you want to see more of my most recent work or want to contact me directly, here is my e-mail, phone and the social networks that I use more often: