I make easy to use stuff.

User Experience Designer based in Aberdeen.



Born in Spain, living in Aberdeen since 2013. I also lived in The Netherlands where I totally fell in love with the idea of Design as a way of solving problems more than just making things look beautiful.

My work consists in understanding how the users of your product are, prototyping what we think is going to work better for them, validating what we have made and incorporating back the learning into the product.

This is the key: once you put your concept in front of the people who are going to be using whatever you are making, you easily realise where the issues are and how you can quickly improve it to make a product that really works for them.

In my personal life I love travelling, street photography, food and sports. I am a huge football fan and support the team of my home city, U.D. Almería.

You can find some of the things I've made having a look at my portfolio. Due to an NDA I can’t show here samples from the past years but please feel free to contact me if you want to see more.

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