Museum of Almería kiosk

Concept of an interactive kiosk especially devised for the needs of the Museum of Almería. It was created for the Interaction Design class of the Postgraduate course on Human-Computer Interaction of the Open University of Catalunya.

Design Opportunity

I made observations in the museum to find not covered needs and design opportunities, and I got the following:

- Very little information about the archeological elements

- No way to give feedback, not even an information point.

- No information about the pieces of work in the exhibition room.

- Lack of guiding thread between pieces and exhibitions.

  • Process

    1. Creation of personas to represent the 3 main roles detected.

  • Name
  • 2. Definition of the information architecture. First I made an outline and after that I created the site map.

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  • 3. Definition of the interaction flows in the application. 

    I identified the main tasks the users needed to do and throught different charts I designed how the application should work.

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  • 4. Creation of sketches and wireframes. First I tried to get a good number of alternatives for each screen. After that I chose an option and continued developing it with a higher level of fidelity.

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Tools Used

Pen and Paper

Balsamiq Mockups



Date: March - May 2013

Tags: User Research, Interaction Design.

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