Diet app that motivates the users to not give in, adapting the plan to their favourite food and providing a wide range of meal alternatives. Created during the Human-Computer Interaction course offered by Coursera - Stanford University.

Design Opportunity

The first part of this project was to find not covered needs and design opportunities around me, related to a topic up to me. I decided to observe and interview people in diet to discover how they knew what food could/should eat and how they got motivated.

The problems and opportunities found were the following:

- Lack of motivation to keep following the diet after the first days.

- People get tired of having just a few choices for each meal.

- Knowing if a given food is appropiate for the diet.

- Lack of time to cook. Need of finding specific recipes.

  • Process

    1. Created a point of view to guide me during all the process:

    Without support and motivation, diets are a pain. Enhancements of mobile technology and Internet can be a great tool.

    2. Produced storyboards to represent the context of use of the app:

  • Name
  • 3. Made sketches of the structure, picked one concrete direction to continue developing the idea and created several alternative rapid prototypes using Balsamiq Mockups.

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  • 4. After that, I made and received heuristic evaluations on those prototypes. With the feedback received I made the required modifications to improve them.

    5. At this moment I was confident of being in the correct direction and that all the most relevant usability problems had been found and fixed, so I created an high-fidelity interactive prototype using Justinmind.

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  • 6. Later on, I produced an evaluation plan, made User Tests with 3 people using the previously created prototype (and another alternative one to compare), analysed the results and planned the next design iteration.

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7. Finally, I added the changes motivated from the user tests in the app. The most important modification was the simplification of the sign-up process.

(Interactive prototype modified after that step).

Tools Used

Pen and Paper

Balsamiq Mockups



Date: May - July 2012

Tags: User Research, Heuristic Evaluation, Interaction Design.

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