Street Rockstars

Project collecting the best street musicians around the world. It's a place to find those strangers playing in the street that nobody, a part of the people passing near in that moment see.

  • Design Process

    1. Observation in the street of the type of people who become interested in street musicians: approximated age, gender, nationality. Interviews with people who matched that description.

    2. Creation of 2 personas (one primary and one secondary) and typical scenarios for each one of them. Generation of a list of necessary functionalities.

  • Name

  • 3. Definition of the Information Architecture: blueprints, firsts sketches in paper with possible alternative representations.

  • Name
  • 4. Selected the best ones and created wireframes adding more details, using Balsamiq Mockups.

  • Name
  • 5. Prioritization of the basic functionalities, creation of a simple interactive prototype using Axure and user testing.

    6. Iteration over the prototype until having a version that was intuitive for the users.

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Tools Used

Pen and Paper.


Balsamiq Mockups.

Adobe Fireworks CS5.

Axure RP.


Date: Year 2012 - 2013

Tags: User Research, Interaction Design, Development.

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